How To Automate Your Business
With Sales & Marketing Funnels

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What Would A CRM Of Additional Prospects Like This Do For Your Business?
If the answer to this question is "Increase my bottom line" then Sales & Marketing Funnels are perfect for you. 
What Is A Sales & Marketing Funnel?
It's Magic
A Sales & Marketing Funnel is the gateway and cornerstone for exceptional professionals to generate and convert leads on autopilot and expand influence over their target market.

Sales & Marketing Funnels operate across many layers, teeing up highly aligned organic business while filling the pipeline with excited shoppers.
Through this model, we have helped hundreds of professionals establish themselves as relevant powerhouses who no longer beg for business, but instead magnetize clients and leave them desiring longstanding business relationships.

What Does A Sales & Marketing Funnel Do?
It delivers the Four Pillars of a Sustainable Business 
Lead Generation
More highly qualified, personally generated, specifically targeted, leads for a fraction of what you’d pay lead suppliers.
Automated instant fully-customization follow-up through email, text message and ringless voicemail.
Business Development
The tools, tutorials, scripts, and mindset you need to expand your business into your desired territories.
Referral Partners
Complete transaction management and agent retention platform feeds leads to agents anonymously and tracks their progress and activity, so you know who's performing.

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The Ad
The First Pillar
Facebook ads are difficult to get right, especially at the high level. We've refined our Sales & Marketing Funnel Facebook Ads over 2,500 + funnels we've built for professionals just like you.
Our professionally copy-written ads overlayed with our deluxe videography brings your ad engagement up and your lead cost down.

Then, our custom crafted lead forms pull relevant contact information straight from Facebook's database, offering a one-click opt in that maintains the trust the user has with their Facebook experience.

Let us run, manage, and optimize your entire campaign so you can focus on your money maker: closing deals and gaining referrals.
Conversion, Relentlessly
The Automation
We've programmed a dedicated multichannel autoresponder that delivers SMS, Ringless Voicemail, and email follow-up within 30 seconds of opt in and continuing for up to a year.

Your clients' responses are pushed directly through to your cell phone, allowing you to seamlessly continue the conversation and get deals closed.

We can even program your landing pages to prompt your leads to call you directly, so you can be rest assured your phone is ringing often.
Market Takeover
Building Your Empire
The reality about traditional lead generation is painfully clear.
Even with incredible automated follow-up systems, lead generation and conversion take time away from the professional's most income generating activities: closing deals and creating referral partnerships.

What we're proposing is simple: more leads to get, more conversations, leading to more closes and more referrals to help you massive increase your business exponentially. 

In addition to your Sales & Marketing Funnel campaign, we'll provide you with a series of guides and pre-written action plans on how to make yourself known to referral partners as a highly valued asset to their business.
The Golden Age
The Time To Act Is Now
The Golden Age of this technology is here. That’s a fact. 

It’s already helped build Amazon into the global juggernaut it is today and become the world’s second $1Trillion company. 

Luckily for you, the technology hasn’t been fully adopted by most businesses out there, giving you a unique opportunity to be ahead of the curve and dominate your market before they even know what’s hit them. 

So if you want to make that happen, then the time to act is nowbefore it’s adopted by everyone else. 
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It's All About The Dollars
I’m sure you know from experience that a big problem with leads is actually getting the client on the phone in the first place. 

Many people ignore phone calls nowadays if they don’t know the number and emails have an average open rate of around 7%. Using this platform correctly, we can promise that you’re going to see ridiculously high connect rates of up to 40%. 

Take a look below at some of our most recent campaigns and their performance.
Optimization And Reporting
Kaizen - Continuous Improvement
As you can see, the combination of diligent market research combined with effective ad placement results in extremely high degrees of success across the board. 

No other business in your trade area can facilitate as great a marketing reach as you can with Sales & Marketing Funnels.
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